Nikke is the sole hope who can bring victory

to mankind long evicted from the surface.

Only the top 3 companies are allowed to

manufacture Nikkes in the Ark.

Nikke should always obey the commands

given by human beings and there is no exception.

The mankind, dismally defeated,

has to live underground

The ruler on the ground is no longer a human being.


One of the main party members. She possesses considerable combat-related acumen, and is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Her long history of insubordination has earned her the reputation of being difficult, which has resulted in her being shuffled amongst various commanders.

Her somewhat aloof disposition often makes a poor first impression, with many feeling she is both distant and arrogant. However, she warms up significantly to people she respects.

Although she is aware that she is a Nikke, she continues to find human emotions perplexing, and has encountered various problems in trying to express them herself.


Deployed with the squad that goes to the surface with the main character.

A kind and gentle being who is not used to harsh or crude behavior.

Has a straightforward personality, and does not hide how she feels. She is the first Nikke players meet in the game.

She is the first to communicate psychologically with the main character and is also the first to make them aware of death as it pertains to Nikkes.


A member of the Central Government and of the Triangle Squad.

Infamous for her cantankerous personality, she is lovingly considered something of a diva by her squadmates. Considers Rapi her rival.

Tries to act cool and collected but occasionally has a hard time maintaining this act.

Despite her hair-trigger temper, she does cherish her squad members.

She feels deeply hurt whenever her squadmates who don’t know she is a Nikke begin to disparage them.

Infinity Rail

The leader of Infinity Rail, who works on the Ark Express.

Always seen with a smile on her face, she has a sunny disposition and enjoys cracking jokes. Once you get to know her better, she slowly reveals a more caring and mature side.

Enjoys singing but is completely tone-deaf.

She claims that she had been training to be a popstar in the past. Has a fondness for kids and thinks of her squadmate Soline as her little sister.

Always carries a bag of strawberry candy tied around her waist.

Snow White

A Pilgrim. One of the Pioneers, and one of the Prototype Nikkes who fought in the 1st Rapture Invasion.

She lost all of her past memories, and now wanders the earth with one singular goal in mind: the annihilation of the Raptures.

While her past is shrouded in mystery, what is undeniable is that she now possesses the reliability of a true leader.

Shows respect to dignified individuals, but fights against evil with everything she has.


A Nikke who is part of Wardress, the Rapture Capture Squad.

Don't let her innocent appearance fool you, she's a masochist who gets her kicks from torture and pain. She even has empathy for her abusers, and attempts to rationalize the behavior of those who mistreat her.

She is a close friend with her squadmate Yuni.


A member of Unlimited, a Nikke squad that protects the frozen areas and rescues Nikkes who have gone missing.

A cute and imaginative girl who consistently has her head in the clouds and views life through a fairy tale lens. When she was a human, she spent her whole life in the hospital, where she would imagine how happy everyone outside the hospital walls must be.

She believes that by defeating the Heart Queen (Rapture Queen) along with the Rabbity(protagonist), she will be able to this wonderland of her imagination.


A genius hacker. Her advanced intellect makes it difficult at times for her to identify with normal people.

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and incredible powers of analysis have led to her taking on the role of the primary gatherer of information in the Ark.

Exia's mental supremacy is also reflected in gaming, as she quickly ascends the leaderboards in whichever game she plays.

Lately, perhaps due to boredom, she has taken some pleasure in taking inexperienced players under her wing (such as the protagonist).


A detective that runs to the scene whenever a crime occurs.

Tends to get overexcited during serious cases. This is especially true for murder cases, where she can barely keep her head on straight.

Has aspirations of becoming the Ark's version of Sherlock Holmes, and in reality possesses powers of deduction that are very much comparable.

However, these skills can only be used when her so-called “detective senses” kick in. This results in her often reaching rather absurd conclusions.

Prima Donna

A hip hop artist who has always courted controversy.

Her flashy appearance paired with her bold personality has helped her create a dedicated fan base who find her brashness a refreshing change of pace.

She has no qualms about making controversial statements, and often acts in flagrant disregard for social norms.

“If it's Volume, she can get away with it.” Is what most people seem to think.


A Nikke who is part of Wardress, the Rapture Capture Squad.

She has mastered the skills of controlling the senses, emotional torment, and immobilization.

A sadist at heart, Yuni believes all this is just her way of expressing love. Once she falls for someone, she gives all of herself to them.

However, this twisted side of her has alienated Yuni from other people, until she encountered Mihara.


A key researcher at M.M.R.. All technologies and inventions must be harmless to humans and beneficial for the last sanctuary of mankind. So everything has to be tested on humans or Nikkes to prove that they are completely harmless.

As a result, Ether has more in-depth knowledge about the bodies of humans and Nikkes than anyone else.


Guillotine was born with a lonely fate, unable to get along with any Nikke or human. This is because she is a member of the Extrinsic that was created to execute Nikkes.

Guillotine has her own way to handle loneliness, which is to write cheesy posts on social networks such as "I am a watcher of the world. This is my destiny" or "I see the light in the dark".

Recall & Release

N102’s memory is wiped everyday.

She has a special notebook filled with entries describing who she is as a person, and what relationships she has with other people.

Every time N102 wakes up in the morning, she flips through this notebook before heading out. She proceeds to act according to these “memories”. This framework, loose as it is, gives her a sense of relief.

While emotionally volatile, she is very bright. She is an intensely curious person and is always full of energy.

Also goes by her nickname, Anne.

Please look forward to it.